What Is the Minimum Wage in Tennessee?

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2019 Minimum Wage in Tennessee: $7.25 Per Hour

The state of Tennessee has not adopted a state minimum wage law. That means that all federal minimum wage and other wage law applies across the state, with no legislation that overrides or deviates from the federal rules.

Subminimum Wage

Due to the fact that Tennessee follows federal wage laws, the federal subminimum wage applies to certain workers, such as student-learners, full-time students, and people with disabilities. Special certificates must be acquired from the Department of Labor in order to use this wage.

Tipped: $2.13 Per Hour

The federal standards for tipped employees allow employers to apply a maximum tip credit of $5.12 toward the pay of tipped workers. Tipped workers must still make a total $7.25 per hour, but up to $5.12 of that amount can come from tips provided by customers. The minimum cash wage an employer must provide for tipped employees is $2.13 per hour.

Tennessee follows these federal standards.

Weekly: $290 Per 40 Hour Work Week

The weekly minimum wage is calculated as the hourly minimum wage of $7.25 times 40 hours. This will number is calculated pre-tax and pre-deduction, and will not represent the actual take-home amount of most minimum-wage employees.

Annually: $15,080

The annual rate of pay for a minimum wage worker is calculated as the weekly rate times 52 weeks in a year. This is how much a minimum wage worker should make in a year, and represents a minimum annual salary. Some salary workers are exempt from minimum wage and/or overtime laws depending on their occupation.

This number is pre-tax, and pre-deductions, so it will not represent the actual take-home pay of an employee working at minimum wage.

Overtime: $10.88 Per Hour

Federal law requires that all workers, unless specifically exempt, must be paid at least time plus one-half for every hour worked above 40 hours in a single week. When a week begins and ends is up to the employer, however, it must consist of seven consecutive days. Overtime pay is not required on holidays unless it would be required under normal circumstances.

Tennessee Minimum Wage Increase News

While there have been multiple efforts to raise the minimum wage in Tennessee, the Republican-controlled state is very unlikely to see any movement in the minimum wage unless the federal minimum wage raises. Tennessee, in fact, has no wage legislation at all that differs from federal standards.

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