What Is the Minimum Wage in New York State?

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2020 Minimum Wage in New York: $11.80 per hour

The state minimum wage in New York is $11.80, except in Long Island and Westchester, where the minimum wage is higher at $13. New York City also has its own minimum wage — see below for more information. 

This is only for non-exempt workers, as exempt or salary workers are paid a flat rate instead of per hour. Fast food workers in the state have a slightly higher starting minimum wage at $13.75. All of these wages are notably higher than many other states’ wages, as well as the current federal minimum wage

There are also different minimum wages, known as wage orders, that affect workers in the hospitality, building service, and farm industries. These and other jobs, such as babysitters, fall under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Tipped: $7.85 per hour

Most states have a wage specifically for employees who earn tips; New York has several, with different tipped wages for employees in different industries. The statewide minimum tipped wage in New York is $7.85 with a $3.95 tip credit for the food industry.

For service employees such as bartenders, hair stylists, valets, or golf caddies, the statewide minimum tipped wage is $9.85 with $1.95 tip credits. For Long Island and Westchester, this raises to $8.65 with $4.35 tip credit and $10.85 with $2.15 tip credit, respectively. See below for more information on New York City. 

Weekly: $472.00 per week

The weekly minimum income for a full-time employee in New York is $472. This assumes a typical 40-hour work week at the $11.80 per hour rate, but doesn’t take into account an individual’s federal or New York state tax withholdings.

Annually: $24,544.00 per year

The yearly minimum income for a full-time employee in New York is $24,544. This assumes a typical 52-week, 40-hour-per-week position at the $11.80 per hour rate, but again, does not account for any withholding, so the actual take-home pay will be lower for minimum wage workers. Additionally, the actual number may be different due to a worker not working full time or taking unpaid time off; this amount also does not include any holiday pay

Overtime: $17.70 per hour

In New York, if you are earning the minimum wage, your overtime rate will be $17.70 per hour. This assumes the federal rate of 1.5 times the state minimum wage of $11.80 per hour. In the state of New York, not all employees are covered by the federal and state overtime laws. Exempt positions include:

  • Administrative employees;
  • Anyone who works for a federal, state, or municipal government;
  • Camp counselors;
  • Certain volunteers, interns, and apprentices;
  • Executive employees;
  • Farm laborers;
  • Outside salespeople;
  • Part-time babysitters;
  • Professional employees;
  • Taxicab drivers.

You must work over 40 hours in a single week to qualify for overtime pay in New York.

2020 NYC Minimum Wage

The cost of living in New York City is incredibly high — in fact, it’s the highest in the entire country. To reflect this, the minimum wage is higher in NYC than it is in other areas of the state. Further, minimum wages are different depending on whether the employer is small (10 or fewer employees) or large (11 or more employees): 

  • Minimum wage: $15.00 for small and large employers;
  • Tipped workers
    • Food service workers: $10.00 with $5 tip credits for small and large employers;
    • Service employees: $12.50 with $2.50 tip credits for small and large employers;
  • Weekly: $600 at $15 per hour, assuming a typical 40-hour work week;
  • Annually: $31,200 at $15 per hour, assuming a typical 52-week schedule. This does not account for time off or holidays.


2020 NYC Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers

  • Minimum wage: $15 per hour.
  • Weekly: $600 per week, assuming they work 40 hours.
  • Annually: $31,200, assuming a typical 52-week schedule. This does not account for time off or holidays.


2020 NYC Minimum Wage for App-Based Drivers

  • Minimum wage: $17.22 per hour after expenses. This does not include any extra money made from rides. 
  • Weekly: $688.80 per week, assuming they work 40 hours.
  • Annually: $35,817.60, assuming they work 52 weeks at 40 hours per week. This does not include holidays.


New York City passed a historic law at the end of 2018 to give a minimum wage to app-based drivers, such as Lyft and Uber, in an attempt to provide more money to the drivers. These workers are part of the gig economy, but the minimum wage does not apply to other people who do freelance work. This means they may either make more or less than the minimum wage, depending on the jobs they take.

New York Minimum Wage Increase News

Across the state, the minimum wage is rising each year on December 31 as part of a plan to bring the base minimum wage up to $15 per hour, or $10 per hour for tipped workers. According to the state Department of Labor, in New York City, as of the end of 2018, large employers met this obligation. Small employers also met this obligation at the end of 2019, and Long Island and Westchester companies will meet this obligation by 2021. 

The rest of the state has a published increase per year until 2021, when the state Commissioner of Labor will publish the increase each October. They will be “percentage increases determined by the Director of the Division of Budget, based on economic indices, including the Consumer Price Index.” If you are in need of more money on a faster schedule, however, consider asking for a raise or creating a budget to make your current income last longer.

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