What Is the Minimum Wage in Nevada?

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A photo of the Nevada state capitol building in Carson City, NV.
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The current minimum wage for the state of Nevada is $7.25 for employees who are provided a qualified health plan by their employer and $8.25 for employees who are not. Employees who are granted a qualifying health plan — and, therefore, earn $7.25 per hour — will see wages and provisions similar to those outlined by federal minimum wage laws. Nevada employees who are not provided a health plan — and make $8.25 per hour — will have a different weekly and annual wage, especially when working overtime and/or earning tips.

2020 Minimum Wage in Nevada: $8.25 per hour

To keep up with inflation and the Consumer Price Index, Nevada raised its minimum wage from $6.85 to $8.25 in 2008. Nevada reserves the right to adjust the minimum wage to accommodate inflation in the future. Currently, the minimum wage for employees who are not offered a health plan by employers is $8.25.

Tipped: $8.25 per hour

Nevada’s minimum wage laws do not specify how much an employee needs to make to be considered a tipped employee, nor does the state define a tip credit or tip pooling. Instead, Nevada defers to the Fair Labor and Standards Act for most tipping regulations. Nevada tipped employees may not be paid less than $7.25 with a health plan, or $8.25 for tipped employees who are not offered one.

Weekly: $330.00 per week

Nevada employees without a qualifying health plan will make at least $330 in a standard workweek. This can be calculated by multiplying the hourly minimum wage ($8.25) by the hours worked in a workweek (40) — which makes a weekly wage of $330 for Nevada employees. This weekly total does not account for state and federal tax deductions, overtime, time off, sick days, or holiday pay.

Annually: $17,160.00 per year

By using similar computation, Nevada employees can calculate an annual wage by taking their weekly total ($330) and multiplying this by the weeks in the year (52). This gives Nevada employees (who are not offered a qualifying health plan) an annual wage of $17,160 a year. Again, this does not factor in state and federal tax deductions, overtime, time off, or holiday pay. 

Overtime: $12.38 per hour

Overtime pay for Nevada begins after 40 hours worked in a standard workweek. Obeying FLSA standards regarding overtime pay, Nevada then pays employees at a rate of time and a half for any and every hour worked beyond 40. Time and a half for Nevada is $8.25 plus $4.13, or $12.38 per hour for employees who are not offered a health plan by their employers.

Nevada Minimum Wage Increase News

Lawmakers have voted to approve AB456, which was proposed in 2019 and will incrementally increase the Nevada minimum wage to $12 per hour for employees who are not offered health insurance by employers, and $11 an hour for those who are. The Nevada minimum wage will increase $.75 per year from July 2020 to July 2024 according to the following schedule: 

July 2020 $9.00 an hour
July 2021 $9.75 an hour
July 2022 $10.50 an hour
July 2023 $11.25 an hour
July 2024 $12.00 an hour

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