What Is the Minimum Wage in Guam?

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2019 Minimum Wage in Guam: $8.25 per hour

Since 2015, the minimum wage in Guam has surpassed the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. The local minimum wage stands at $8.25 per hour as of mid-2019. Salaried minimums generally do not adhere to hourly wage minimums, and these are often set by private companies instead of mandated by local governments. There are exceptions to these requirements, and they follow U.S. federal minimum wage exception standards in almost all cases.

Tipped: $2.13 per hour

Workers who receive tips as a regular part of their compensation follow the federal minimum wage for tipped employees. This lower wage stands at $2.13 per hour. However, if the wage including tips falls short of the $8.25 local standard, then employers are expected to account for the difference.

Minors and Young Workers: $4.20 per hour

Minors and other workers under 20 may be paid a minimum of $4.20 per hour under certain “training programs” available for up to 90 days. After that amount of time, or upon reaching age 20 — whichever comes first — the employer is required to apply local wage standards.

Disabled Workers: $7.01+ per hour

Employers of disabled workers may petition the federal government for a certificate that allows them to pay as little as 85%of the federal minimum wage for these employees. This is part of the Fair Labor Standards Act, designed to increase the availability of options for employees with disabilities.

Weekly: $330

A weekly worker can expect to make $330 a week working a standard 40-hour week with 8 hour days in Guam, not accounting for alternate minimum wages or overtime pay.

Annually: $17,160

This works out to $17,160 per working year of 260 days for each worker at minimum wage. The minimum wage allows an increase of $2,590 over the $14,570 poverty level for a household of two in Guam.

Overtime: $12.38 per hour

Overtime in Guam follows federal standards and is paid at a rate of 1.5x employee wages. At minimum wage, this means each hour over 40 is paid at $12.38 per hour. Holiday pay is considered similarly.

Guam Minimum Wage Increase News

Many election cycles in Guam focus on the minimum wage. With arguments on the United States mainland focusing on a federal increase to $15 an hour, local minimum wage increases tend towards a lower value over time. Because this is a highly political topic, employees are more likely to get increases by asking for a raise than waiting for the government to mandate higher rates.

Minimum Wage Increase Proposals

Current proposals by candidates running for office include Bill 136-35, introduced by Senator Joe S. San Agustin, which would raise the minimum wage in Guam to $9.25. This would take the form of two annual $0.50 increases over two years. Other proposals have only come in the form of campaign promises, with many following the “fight for $15” proposals on the United States mainland.

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This post was updated July 11, 2019. It was originally published July 11, 2019.