What Is the Minimum Wage in Florida State?

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2020 Minimum Wage in Florida: $8.56 per hour

The minimum wage in Florida, $8.56 per hour, is higher than the federal minimum wage. This is only for non-exempt workers, as exempt or salary workers are paid a flat rate instead of per hour. There are also exemptions for minimum wage in line with the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

Tipped: $5.56

The minimum wage for employees who earn tips in Florida is $5.54 per hour, which does not include the amount provided by tips. There is a $3.02 tip credit. In total, a tipped employee will receive no less than $8.56 per hour. This is higher than what is required by the FLSA, and meets the state general minimum wage.

Weekly: $342.40

The income for a full-time Florida employee who earns minimum wage is $342.40. This weekly $342.40 assumes a typical 40-hour workweek at the $8.56 per hour rate, but doesn’t take into account an individual’s income tax withholdings.

Annually: $17,804.80

Annual income for workers who earn minimum wage in Florida is $17,804.80, before taxes. The annual estimate assumes a typical 52-week-per-year, 40-hour-per-week position at the $8.56 per hour rate, but again, does not account for any withholding, so the actual take-home pay will be lower for minimum wage workers. Additionally, the actual number may be different due to a worker not working full time or taking unpaid time off; this amount also does not include any holiday pay.

Overtime: $12.84

Overtime in Florida is set at $12.84 per hour. This assumes the federal rate of 1.5 times the state minimum wage, $8.56.

Florida Minimum Wage Increase News

Florida’s minimum wage is tied to the Consumer Price Index, which is designed to rise along with inflation, thanks to a 2004 state amendment. The state minimum wage is reevaluated each year. In 2019, the minimum wage was $8.46. This was increased by 1.2 percent, or $0.10, to the current minimum wage of $8.56 as of January 1, 2020.

While there are initiatives to raise the minimum wage to $15 over five years, nothing has been presented for a vote.

Several initiatives have been made to raise the minimum wage, but only one amendment made its way to the state Supreme Court. Florida Amendment 2 is now on the ballot for the November 2020 vote. If approved, Floridians would see a new minimum wage of $10 an hour in 2021. John Morgan is leading the way with his public interest group Florida for a Fair Wage.

While supporters argue that the wage increase would create new capital and spur job growth, opponents say otherwise. Companies such as Publix, CVS, Burger King, and Walt Disney stated that higher wages would diminish the amount of jobs in the long run. All of these companies have given $100,000 or over to Floridians to Save Florida Jobs, an interest group aimed at preventing the wage increases.  

Miami Beach Minimum Wage

An ordinance in the city of Miami Beach was blocked in the Florida Supreme Court on February 5, 2019. The city disagreed with the state’s mandate that no municipalities can have their own minimum wage.

The ordinance would have raised the minimum wage in the city to $13.31 by January 1, 2021, with an initial increase to $10.31 beginning on January 1, 2019. The ruling does not prevent other municipalities from attempting to raise local minimum wage, but with a precedent set in Miami Beach, it is likely that the state minimum wage will remain in place.

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