What Is Paribus and Is It Worth It?

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Paribus is an app that’s focused on turning your online shopping into investing to help you save money on your purchases. The app is owned by Capital One and is easily downloadable through your Chrome, Firefox, or Safari web browser, or an iOS operating system app on your smartphone.

When you have an account with Paribus, it keeps track of your online shopping through participating retailers. The service alerts you if an item you purchased goes on sale and you’re entitled to a credit.

It also keeps tabs on your purchase delivery and alerts you if you’re eligible for a shipping charge refund because an item was delivered late. Additionally, the service keeps track of retailer refund policies so you always know the specific window of opportunity you have to return items.

The retailers that work with Paribus are constantly changing and their agreements with the company may vary. The current list of participating retailers includes the following:

  • Amazon.
  • Bloomingdale’s.
  • Best Buy.
  • Newegg.
  • Target.
  • Bonobos.
  • Zappos.
  • Banana Republic.
  • Gap.
  • Old Navy.
  • Athleta.
  • Neiman Marcus.
  • Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Costco.
  • Home Depot.
  • Sears.
  • Crate & Barrel.
  • REI.
  • Anthropologie.
  • L.L. Bean.
  • Loft.
  • QVC.

Learning more about the Paribus app and how this online shopping trick may help you save money will help you decide if it’s beneficial for you.

How Paribus Works

You can sign up for Paribus for free. Once you grant the service access to your email and online activity, it tracks your purchases and automatically applies for refunds you’re eligible for through participating retailers. To begin using the app and incorporating it into your financial strategy, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Paribus website through a compatible web browser or download the app on your iOS smartphone.
  2. Choose the email service you use when online shopping.
  3. Provide your email address and password.
  4. Grant permissions to Paribus to access your email and send emails on your behalf.
  5. Complete the process to set up your online account.
  6. Allow Paribus to scan your emails and review purchases you made in the last 30 days.
  7. Allow Paribus to initiate the refund process with retailers if a price drops or a shipment is late.
  8. If successful, receive refunds from these retailers through the same payment method you used to make the purchase.

Paribus scans your emails to keep track of the purchases you made online through participating retailers. If you’re eligible for a refund, Paribus begins the claims process with the retailer on your behalf through your email account.

If the company is successful in obtaining this refund, it’s applied directly back to the account you used to make the purchase. Paribus handles all the legwork when it comes to these refunds and the redeemed money is automatically added back to your account, usually within three to seven business days, depending on the retailer.


When you sign up for Paribus and give permission for the app to act on your behalf, you gain access to many features, including the following:

  • Notification of late delivery.
  • Price drop notifications and instant action to obtain a refund for the price difference.
  • Alerts for return policies and deadlines.
  • Information on missed couponing opportunities within the past 30 days and ways to pursue coupon redemption after purchase.

Since each retailer has its own refund, price change, and coupon policies, it’s not guaranteed that every claim Paribus makes on your behalf will be granted. However, the company pursues these redemptions on your behalf to save you money while shopping online.


There are several advantages to signing up for a Paribus account, including the following:

  • The service is completely free.
  • Paribus acts on your behalf to claim refunds so you don’t have to contact retailers.
  • You’re notified of refund policies so you don’t have to do your own research.
  • You don’t need to provide credit card information to use the app.


While Paribus is a free service, there are some cons associated with the app, including the following:

  • You don’t earn points for online shopping like you may with other services.
  • The app only has information on coupons and discounts for items you already purchased, not potential future purchases.
  • The app can’t help you with in-store purchases.
  • You must grant permission to access your email to use Paribus.

Paribus and Amazon

The relationship between Paribus and Amazon has been altered over the years. In 2016, Amazon did away with its price-match guarantee policies.

Amazon doesn’t allow Paribus to claim refunds for customers on items with price changes. Paribus also doesn’t contact  Amazon on behalf of customers when shipments are late. If an Amazon delivery is late and you want to seek compensation, you must contact the company on your own.

When you link Paribus to your Amazon account, the company can still provide you with information on refunds you may be eligible for. Paribus may alert you if a shipment is late and you qualify for a refund. However, it’s your responsibility to contact Amazon and request this refund.

How to Sign Up for Paribus

To sign up for Paribus, you must have a valid Google, Yahoo, or Outlook email and access to a smartphone with an iOS operating system or access to a supported web browser. To sign up for the service, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Paribus website or download the Paribus app on your iOS smartphone.
  2. Agree to the company’s terms of service and privacy notice.
  3. Choose which email service provider you have and use for online shopping.
  4. Create an account with Paribus.
  5. Grant permission to access, send, and delete emails from your account.
  6. Begin online shopping.
  7. Monitor your Paribus account for eligible refunds and return policies.

When the company identifies a refund or coupon you’re eligible for, it may send an email on your behalf, depending on the participating retailer’s regulations. If Paribus processes the refund successfully, it’s applied to the same payment method you used to make the purchase.

If you’re interested in saving money when you shop online, the Paribus app may be a helpful addition to your email account. By taking advantage of refunds you’re entitled to and keeping tabs on company return policies, you can ensure you’re saving as much money as possible while shopping online.

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