What Employee Benefits Does Marriott Offer?

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Marriott is an enormous international employer with over 730,000 employees spread across 130 countries and territories. With such widespread operations, Marriott offers many opportunities for professionals in the hospitality industry.

The employee benefits that accompany these positions are meant to inspire a healthy work-life balance, and it is something that keeps many Marriott employees returning year after year.  

Marriott Careers and Job Outlook

Too many times, we are forced to choose between our salary and our benefits in the workplace. Comparing employee benefit programs is always a crucial consideration when you’re fielding any job offer, but Marriott simplifies the process with a competitive, well-rounded employee benefits package that is fairly simple and straightforward. When an employer offers a comprehensive benefits package, there’s no need to worry about negotiating your employee benefits before you can take the job.

While some benefits are exclusive to full-time employees, Marriott offers perks to all of its employees, including its part-time, hourly, and seasonal employees.

This is all part of Marriott’s signature TakeCare program, “Where your emotional, physical, and financial needs matter.” And, with locations all over the globe, you may have the added benefit of job security and thus security in benefits, such as health insurance.

Marriott Employee Health Benefits

Employees of Marriott Corporation receive affordable healthcare benefits through a health maintenance organization plan from GroupHealth. It has its own network of providers and specialists with coverage that competes with others in today’s workplace.

Marriott Corporation Group Health Coverage

Individual Deductible $300
Family Deductible $600
Individual Out-of-Pocket Maximum $4,000
Family Out-of-Pocket Maximum $8,000

Employees have the option of several plans for more customized coverage that suits the entire household. Dental coverage is standard with optional vision insurance available if you so choose.

Sometimes, though, you need advice immediately, and it’s hard to know where to turn when the internet can be a trove of questionable information. Marriott attempts to answer this need with its Employee Assistance Program. This service provides a 24-hour, bilingual phone line that offers help with a number of issues, like your health and work.  

Time Off

You work hard on the clock, so it’s important to have a break every now and then. Marriott offers paid time off (PTO) in a number of forms. After just 12 months of employment, Marriott employees can receive 140 hours of PTO. New parents are also eligible for paid parental leave.  

In January 2019, Marriott increased paid parental leave from six weeks to eight weeks. This applies for both birth and adoptive parents, although birth moms may be eligible for up to 15 weeks of total paid leave.

You could receive extra help when you return to work, too, if your location offers the use of an on-site daycare.


401K retirement plans

 are another perk for Marriott employees, with up to 4.5% company matching for employee contributions. To be eligible, employees must be at least 21 years of age and an employee for at least 12 months.

Various Employee Perks

Marriott wants to take excellent care of its employees. Since its inception in 1927, Marriott has had a policy of nurturing its employees and promoting from within.

Marriott’s J-1 Visa Program is one such example, offering opportunities for international students and interns to gain real-world experience in the workplace through Marriott’s many U.S. properties. There are other perks, too.


Hospitality is Marriott’s business, and they do their best to be hospitable to staff through exclusive travel perks. Marriott knows no one wants to travel alone; they include discounts for your friends and family so they can come, too.

As of November 2019, when you book using employee rates, you also receive credits towards Marriott Bonvoy status that gives you extra bonuses when you travel.

Adoption Assistance

Marriott prioritizes family through a generous adoption policy. The company will reimburse adoption-related expenses for full-time employees, making it possible for many of its families to grow.

Once the children have found their way home, Marriott helps the family settle, too, with childcare assistance. You can put pre-tax dollars to work through a daycare flexible spending account. Some properties even offer daycare at work.

You are free to pursue your passions and make a difference outside of the workplace with Marriott’s paid volunteer work. You will receive 50 hours of paid time off to dedicate to charitable efforts.

Tuition Assistance

Although Marriott will not help you with your student loans, it will help with your GED or college education through tuition reimbursement. Employees can benefit from partial tuition reimbursement for qualified studies.

Similar to Google’s employee benefits, Marriott’s Maryland headquarters offers exclusive property-specific perks, such as an on-site gym, dry cleaner, and gift shop.

Marriott has been the proud recipient of many awards, including honors like 2018 Leading Disability Employers and Best Places to Work for Veterans. For more than two decades, it has placed on Fortunes’ Best Companies to Work For list.

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