What Are AT&T’s Employee Benefits?

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AT&T is a multinational communications company that employs over 200,000 people. They consider themselves a “modern media company,” as they offer consistently evolving methods of communications. As such, AT&T has employees that fill a variety of different roles, from salespeople to technicians and even content creators.  

To maintain quality talent and protect its employees, AT&T offers hourly and salaried positions as well as a substantial benefits package. In addition to the basics like health insurance, paid time off, and overall compensation, AT&T offers additional benefits like discounts and tuition assistance. This is all to help the company keep their employees happy and attract top talent to join the team.

If you’re interested in a job with this communications giant, this guide will explain more about the benefits that AT&T offers. Whether you’re not sure how benefits compare to a salary or you’re in talks with several companies about job offers but unsure of how to best compare benefits packages, this will provide you with an understanding of what kind of benefits employees receive when working for AT&T.

AT&T Careers and Job Outlook

There are a number of career paths available at AT&T. Whether your interests are on the technical side of things or more on the creative side, there are often openings available for a variety of roles. AT&T’s opportunities for employment include:

  • Technology and research: Job opportunities include work in the AT&T labs, big data, cybersecurity, DevSecOps, and UX/UI.
  • Content and entertainment. Job opportunities include producer, broadcast rights, television promotions, programming, and even acting.
  • Corporate: Here you’ll find job opportunities in departments such as marketing and finance.
  • Government support: Help AT&T’s network remain secure.  
  • Call center: Here you’ll find positions in customer service.
  • Retail: With a career in AT&T retail, you’ll work hands-on with customers looking for the latest in technology. Full-time and part-time opportunities are available at varying skill levels, from managers to store representatives.
  • Sales: Whether it’s consumer-facing sales or sales to big business or retail, AT&T is looking for skilled salespeople who can introduce products to the right audience.
  • Technician: Ensure that AT&T is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible with a career as a technician.

AT&T also operates Cricket Wireless, WarnerMedia, and Xandr and is always looking for people to fill roles within those companies, too.

Many of these roles are available as full-time and part-time positions. Full-time roles are typically salaried, while part-time roles often go to hourly employees.

Generally, only full-time employees are eligible for benefits, but in some cases, a part-time employee may receive a few of those benefits, such as an employee discount on products and services.

Health Insurance

AT&T offers health insurance from UnitedHealthcare, allowing their employees to choose the doctors and specialists they see. Employees, as well as their families, can take advantage of AT&T’s group managed medical, dental, and vision care plans, including the AT&T Retiree Vision Care Program.

Time Off

In addition to paid holidays, AT&T employees also receive paid time off to do what they please. According to Comparably, AT&T’s PTO and Vacation policy typically allows 20 to 30 days off a year. This amount can vary depending on an employee’s tenure with the company, as well as their employment status. For example, part-time employees may not be eligible for a certain amount of time off.

Parental Leave

AT&T has both maternal and paternal paid leave. In general, an employee may take eight weeks of parental leave when their child is born.

If an employee wants to be paid for their time off past eight weeks, they may have to use some of their vacation time. Unpaid leave is also available for up to 12 months after a baby is born, and there is Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) for eligible employees.  


AT&T’s Retirement Savings Plan (ARSP) allows employees to contribute to their 401(k) in order to save for retirement. Employees may elect to contribute from 1% to 16% of their eligible pre-tax compensation. AT&T will match 100% of the first 3% of an employee’s contribution, and 50% of the next 2% of that contribution.

Other AT&T Employee Perks

AT&T is proud to offer some additional and unique perks as part of its employee benefits package, including discounts and educational assistance.

Employee Discount

Employees are eligible to receive discounts on AT&T products and services, including cable television, devices like cell phones, tablets, and computers, as well as discounts on ticketed live events.

Tuition Assistance

AT&T wants its employees to continue to grow and learn so they can advance within the company. To that end, another benefit AT&T offers is tuition assistance. They also offer a variety of training and development programs employees can take advantage of.

Whether you’re just starting to research the job opportunities available at AT&T or you’re ready to negotiate for benefits and accept a job offer, this guide should prove useful in understanding what AT&T is willing to offer their employees and how you can get the most out of the benefits you receive.

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