Should I Buy a Nintendo Switch?

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How Much Is a Nintendo Switch?

You can purchase a Nintendo Switch for $299.99 on the Nintendo site. While the Nintendo Switch comes with everything you need to set up the console, you may want to purchase additional accessories before you begin playing.

The basic console doesn’t come with games, so you’ll need to budget for the games you want to play. If you’re planning to play with additional players, you may need to purchase additional controllers. A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller costs $70 while a Joy-Con controller costs about $80.

Additional accessories you may want to add to your purchase include the following:

  • Joy-Con controller battery packs;
  • Joy-Con charging grips;
  • Joy-Con straps;
  • AC adapters for the console;
  • USB AC adapters;
  • 64 to 256 GB microSDXC memory cards;
  • Dock sets;
  • Adjustable charging stands;
  • Internet adapters.

Most of these accessories are not sold directly through Nintendo. You can visit local or online retailers to purchase these accessories and the costs may vary, depending on the seller.

How Much Do Nintendo Switch Games Cost?

Nintendo Switch currently offers over 2,000 games to consumers. Games usually cost $10 to $50, depending on when they were released and how elaborate they are. You can download some games for free or for less than $10 onto your console, but these inexpensive games are generally not popular or new releases.

If you know you want to play several different games, it may be smart to spend your money on a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The membership is $19.99 per year for an individual and $34.99 for a family membership. Once you create your account, you can play online against other players in certain multiplayer games, including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The progress you make in these games is saved on a cloud associated with your account, so you can pick up where you left off.

This membership also affords you access to the Nintendo library of online Nintendo Switch games. This library collection includes over 60 games and many more are added regularly. As long as you keep your membership valid, you can play these games at any time.

When budgeting for the games you want, you should also review accessories you may need to buy to adequately play these games. For example, Pokemon Nintendo Switch games may be played more easily if you also have the Poké Ball Plus along with your console. If you want to play a driving game, purchasing the Joy-Con wheel can make it more fun and interactive.

What Comes With the Nintendo Switch?

When you buy a Nintendo Switch, it comes with:

  • A Nintendo Switch console;
  • A Nintendo Switch dock;
  • A blue Joy?Con controller;
  • A red Joy-Con controller;
  • A Joy-Con grip;
  • Two Joy-Con wrist straps;
  • A high-speed HDMI cable;
  • A Nintendo Switch AC adapter.

If you choose the Nintendo Switch console with gray Joy-Cons, the two Joy-Con controllers provided are gray instead of red and blue.

Does Nintendo Switch Come With Games?

The basic Nintendo Switch game console doesn’t include games. You’ll need to purchase these games separately to start using your console. However, some retailers, including online sellers or electronic stores, may offer Nintendo Switch bundles that include games. The types of games and the price of these bundles vary, depending on what the specific retailer offers.

You can find an extensive selection of games for the Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo website. You can purchase games that download directly to your console or you can pre-order games that will be released at a later date. Nintendo and other online retailers may also allow you to purchase physical cartridges shipped to your home. However, you won’t be able to begin playing immediately if you choose to have a game cartridge shipped instead of digitally downloaded.

If you prefer to purchase your games in person, you can visit local video games stores to browse the Nintendo Switch games that are currently available. These games are usually provided as cartridges that you physically insert into the console to begin playing.

Alternatives to the Nintendo Switch

With a hefty price tag, the Nintendo Switch is a big purchase that may have you second guessing whether it’s worth it. Compare this console to other popular alternatives, such as the Xbox or Playstation, before you invest in it.

One of the best features of the Nintendo Switch is that it can be easily converted into a portable gaming device for use on the go. The Xbox and Playstation don’t have this capability. However, the Switch doesn’t have a physical disc drive so it can’t act as a DVD or Blu-ray player like its counterparts.

You can also compare the Nintendo Switch to other entertainment options when deciding if you want to buy it. If you think the console and games can replace cable TV in your household, consider the money you would save if you pulled the plug on your cable company. The Nintendo Switch console may be worth the investment if it takes over as your family’s primary household entertainment source.

Final Verdict

At almost $300, the Nintendo Switch is an entertainment investment. When deciding whether you should purchase this console, you’ll need to review your budget and schedule. If you don’t have a lot of free time, you may not be able to enjoy your purchase as much as you’d like.

There may also be fun things to do for free in your area that take priority over playing video games. If you’re more entertained by other events or activities, buying a Nintendo Switch may not be worth it.

If video games are a top priority for you and you have time to play them, a Nintendo Switch is a good investment. You have many games to choose from and the console is portable so it can be played anywhere. Look into Cyber Monday deals or console bundles that include games so you can get the best deal on your Switch.

If video games are one of your favorite pastimes, the Nintendo Switch is a great purchase. With tons of games and portability, you can explore the functionality of the console and enjoy your free time at home.

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