Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree or Experience

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Finding a job without any professional experience

can be a hard task no matter your age. For those in high school or those who are just leaving college, finding a position that pays well in your desired field can be a challenging experience.

The reason this is such a conundrum is simple really. Employers typically want to hire individuals who have the experience necessary to perform the functions of the job well. But many young people lack formal job training in order to be qualified for the positions they’re offered.

It’s important to not get discouraged, however. Finding an entry level job without former job experience is far from impossible. Plenty of people are able to find gainful and fulfilling employment regardless of their employment history.

Below we cover some of the industries and positions that are more apt to hire those without prior experience.

Entry Level Jobs With No Experience Required

There are a number of entry level positions available that have low barriers to entry, which those without much formal work experience may find useful. Many of these positions exist in companies that have room for growth and hire advanced positions from within. Wages, of course, will depend on your position, level of experience, time at the company, and the minimum wage laws for the state in which you’re employed.

Delivery Driver

A number of companies, ranging from local to national need drivers to deliver their goods. If you have a clean driving record, you’re likely to qualify for one of these positions. In addition, you might be offered flexibility in your schedule, and options to work towards higher-paying positions in your respective company.

Delivery drivers, on average make nearly $30,000 per year according to data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Bill and account collectors’ main priority is to help recover payment on overdue bills. They negotiate repayment plans with individuals who are in debt and help individuals find ways to make paying overdue bills more manageable.

Bill collectors are typically required to have a high school diploma and undergo on the job training for their positions. The average salary for those working in the collections field in 2017 was $35,330 per year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is far more than the average minimum wage.


Working as a security guard entails patrolling and protecting property against theft, vandalism, and other kinds of illegal activity. Those who work in security are employed in a variety of environments, which can include, but aren’t limited to: private residences, malls and other businesses, and casinos.

For most security positions, individuals will need a high school diploma. Those who work in casinos or other arenas where gaming surveillance is a requirement, you may need further experience, education, or registration.

According to the most recent available Bureau of Labor Statistics data, security guards make an average of $26,960 per year, making well over the Federal minimum wage.

Food Service Industry Positions

Food service and eateries are some of the biggest employers of those with little to no experience in the professional space. Those who work in the food service industry often work in restaurants as servers, cooks, or front of house staff, but they can also be employed in gas stations, amusement parks, railway transportation, waterways, and in hospitals.

Food service positions can vary in pay, depending on the state and position that you occupy, but food service positions also typically offer employees flexibility, room for growth, and opportunities for advancement regardless of the place you start off in.

High Paying Jobs With No Experience or Degree Required

For those who have some amount of work history, but lack college credentials, or necessary on-the-job experience, there are high paying options for those. You might have to obtain certifications, depending on the state you live in and the regulations in that industry.

Many of these high paying jobs also have the potential for growth within their specific company or career path, meaning that if you find a position or a company that you’re truly passionate about there’s potential that you will be able to achieve promotions and advance in your career without having advanced training.

Cable Television or Internet Installer

Cable television and internet installers often make decent salaries, especially when you consider that previous experience or education is not required. On-the-job training is often provided by the company you are employed with.

According to the most recently available BLS data, telecommunications equipment installers and repairers make an average of $53,380 per year, which is well above the national minimum wage.

Heavy and Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers

Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers work to transport goods from one location to another. Most work in a long-haul capacity, delivering goods over intercity routes which often span several states.

It’s an industry with a need that is projected to grow by over six percent by the year 2026, and the pay is competitive.

According to BLS data, truck drivers are expected to make over $42,000 per year.

Human Resources Assistant

Human resources assistants are responsible for compiling and keeping track of personnel records. These can include weekly earnings, absences, production levels (when necessary) reports, and reasons for termination.

On average, those employed in this field make an estimated $40,000 per year and can work in a variety of fields including general merchandise stores, government branches, schools, offices, and in the medical field.

Gig Economy

There are a number of outlets that you can use to your advantage if you want to get your career started in the gig economy. There are a number of benefits to the position, including working your own hours, competitive pay rates, among other things. Most are aware of positions like this due to popular apps like Lyft, Uber, and Postmates, but there are a number of other positions you can obtain on a freelance basis, giving you the same kinds of freedoms.

The gig economy is valuable for those just starting out in their desired industry. It allows you to distribute your eggs into more than one basket. Should you choose to work for an on-demand service, where you’re able to choose your own hours, any extra time you have can be devoted to volunteering or building your portfolio to gain experience in a field you’re passionate about.

Working in a gig economy also allows you to make connections that may help you find more steady employment years down the road.

Law Enforcement

Careers in law enforcement are no walk in the park, but they can be incredibly rewarding. If you have goals of working closely with the public or your community, law enforcement is a pathway that allows those with a high school diploma to do just that. Those who apply for these positions must pass a background, drug, and polygraph test. From there they are sent to police academy for training.

It’s a career that’s expected to grow by over 7 percent in the next decade. Most who are employed in law enforcement can expect to make an average of $62,960 per year on average according to the most recent BLS data.

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