Is Applecare Worth It?

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If you’ve bought brand-new Apple products, you may be familiar with Applecare and Applecare+. These programs are the company’s product warranties. If you purchased a new product directly from Apple, it more than likely includes a one-year warranty for free, which is called Applecare. This warranty covers your device if it experiences a malfunction from manufacturing defects, such as the buttons stop working or it won’t charge properly.

If you want to extend this warranty after the year of coverage is over, you can purchase an Applecare+ plan. When you purchase this additional coverage, your warranty is valid for an extra year with the company.

Applecare+ also includes additional benefits you may find helpful and worth the price. However, Apple products are already expensive and the additional cost for this plan may make it hard to stick with your budget. Weigh the pros and cons of purchasing an Applecare+ plan before you decide to invest in this additional warranty. If you don’t find it’s worth the added cost, you may be able to save your money and pay for replacement parts or repairs yourself.

How Does Applecare+ Work?

When you purchase a new Apple product, Applecare is included for one year from the date of purchase. Issues or problems you experience with the device within this time period are covered by the company, free of charge.

However, this only includes manufacturing defects or an act of God, such as a fire. Applecare also provides you with 90 days of free phone support so you can get assistance setting up your device. Accidental damage, such as if you dropped your phone and the screen broke, is not covered under the Applecare warranty plan.

You have the option to purchase Applecare+, which picks up warranty coverage for one year where Applecare left off. With Applecare+, manufacturing defects and acts of God are covered for this additional year.

Accidental damage is also covered under Applecare+, but you can only make a maximum of two accidental damage claims each year. When you claim accidental damage, you’re also responsible for paying a deductible, which varies depending on the product and repair needed.

How Much Does Applecare+ Cost?

The cost for Applecare+ depends on the device you want to cover and the length of this additional warranty. In some cases, you may be able to purchase three years of coverage for a lump sum. This is usually the case if you bought a laptop or tablet. However, with a phone, you may be asked to pay for Applecare+ monthly for as long as you want to maintain coverage.

When you make an accidental damage claim for your device through your Applecare+ plan, you’re also responsible for paying a deductible to get it fixed. Your deductible depends on the type of device that’s covered and the repair that needs to be made. It may include one of the following:

  • Mac computer: $99 to fix the screen and $299 for other repairs.
  • Apple watch: $69 for any repair.
  • iPad: $49 for any repair.
  • iPhone: $29 to fix the screen and $99 for other repairs.

The Applecare+ plan includes coverage for loss or theft, but hefty deductibles are associated with these types of claims. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, expect to pay a deductible between $199 and $269 for a replacement, depending on the phone model.

Alternatives to Getting Applecare+

If you don’t want to pay for additional warranty coverage through Applecare+ or the deductibles don’t seem to make sense financially for you, it’s important to keep your device safe and protected. Without coverage, you’re responsible for replacing your products if they’re lost or stolen and repairing them if accidental damage occurs.

To keep your device safe and ensure your Apple products function properly for years to come, consider implementing these strategies:

  • Install a protective screen cover: A protective screen cover on your phone or tablet screen helps protect the glass. While it may still crack if you drop it, the screen protector minimizes damage and glass breakage.
  • Use a sturdy phone case: A phone case is an important accessory to ensure your phone is protected from movement or slight impacts. If you invest in a sturdy phone case that covers most of the device, it’s less likely you’ll need an expensive repair if you accidentally drop your phone.
  • Identify safe places for your device: To prevent loss or theft, always keep your phone or other device in a safe place. Identify an inconspicuous place in your bag or pocket where your device is secure and where you can easily locate it.
  • Boost your emergency savings fund: Sometimes accidental damage isn’t preventable. If you have healthy financial habits, make it a point to save some money each month to contribute to your emergency savings fund. You can use this fund to repair your device if something happens.

Final Verdict

When deciding if Applecare+ is right for you, analyze the cost of the plan in relation to your device. You should also consider the deductibles you may be responsible for and the types of claims you feel you may encounter with your device.

If you know you’ll make two accidental claims each year for broken screens or other damage, the Applecare+ policy may be worth it for you. However, if you’re usually cautious with your phone or your device is older and it may make more financial sense to replace it when damaged, Applecare+ may not be worth the money.

Applecare+ extends your Applecare warranty on your newly purchased device. The cost and length of this warranty depends on the device and you must pay a deductible when you file a claim. Reviewing information on Applecare+ and considering your device’s value and usage will help you determine if purchasing this extended warranty is beneficial for you.

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