How to Vote in New Jersey

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How to Register to Vote in New Jersey

In New Jersey, you may register to vote in person or by mail. If you’re planning to visit a local Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) office to obtain a New Jersey ID card or driver’s license, you may register to vote during your visit. To register to vote in person, you may also bring your ID card or driver’s license to one of the following:

  • Armed Forces recruitment centers;
  • Welfare agencies;
  • Department of Human Services offices;
  • Health services program offices;
  • Department of Labor agencies.

If you prefer to register to vote by mail, download and print the voter registration application form that applies to your county of residence. Upon completion, mail the form to your local county election official.

Keep in mind, an authentic signature is required on the form so you must send the original application. It cannot be faxed or emailed to the official. You must register to vote using one of these two methods at least 21 days before election day to participate.

Am I Registered to Vote in New Jersey?

Check your voter registration status using the New Jersey Division of Elections website. When you provide your name and date of birth, the system retrieves your record. It provides you with information on your voter registration status, the county you’re registered to vote in, and your polling place information, including the address.

Early Voting in New Jersey

If you plan to vote in person, you may participate in early voting up to 45 days before election day. You also have the option to apply for an absentee ballot.

You must complete the vote by mail application that applies to your county and mail the completed form to your county election official at least seven days before the election. To successfully vote by mail, your county election official must receive your completed absentee ballot by the end of the election day.

Voting in New Jersey on Election Day

When you check the status of your voter registration online, you gain access to information on your nearest polling place. Your polling place information is also available on your voter registration card.

On election day, the polls in New Jersey are usually open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. In addition to your voter registration card, you may also be asked to provide identification before you can vote. You may present one of the following:

  • Your New Jersey driver’s license or identification card;
  • Military or government identification;
  • Student identification;
  • Store membership card;
  • Government or official document;
  • Car registration;
  • Bank statement;
  • Rent receipt;
  • Utility bill;
  • Sample ballot.

Why Voting Is Important

As a United States citizen, you’re privileged with the right to vote for government leaders. By participating in the general election on November 3, 2020, you may cast your vote for the candidate you feel has the right goals and plans in place for your state and country.

Government officials are in charge of making changes to public policy, which can greatly affect your life. Pertinent issues government officials may modify include the following:

Ensure you’re prepared for the next election in New Jersey by registering to vote or checking your voter registration status. When you participate in the election, you have a hand in electing the next official and guiding the future of the country.

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