How to Announce a Promotion With an Email or Letter

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When someone is promoted within a company, there’s often cause to celebrate. To make the employee feel recognized and welcomed into their new role, it is customary to announce their promotion with a formal email or letter. The purpose behind this announcement is to inform everyone concerned, including other employees and stakeholders, about changes in the organization.

If someone has been promoted in your organization, it’s important to let everyone know. Read on to understand how companies make promotion announcements, why they make them, and the best way to format such an email or letter.

How Companies Announce Promotions

Although there are many ways to go about announcing a promotion, in today’s digital age it is most typical for a company to announce one via business email. This is also one of the fastest and easiest ways to notify the entire company of a change.

There are alternative means you can use to announce a promotion besides an email, such as mailing a formal letter or holding a company meeting. In some cases, with companies that have offices spread across the nation, the announcement may be published online or included in a company newsletter.

When it comes to informing higher-ups, such as supervisors, stakeholders, and board members, they may be notified in person prior to anyone else. This is especially true if these parties are directly impacted by the change.

What Should a Promotion Announcement Include?

Depending on the business, an announcement letter can include a variety of elements. The tone of the email should be friendly but professional. In terms of length, it’s important to include the right details, but the email shouldn’t be a novel, either.

Ultimately, what is included in your promotion announcement will be based on the size of your company, as well as the culture and any previous customs surrounding this sort of news.

Name of Employee Being Promoted

Identify the person receiving the promotion by name — this is perhaps the most crucial detail of a promotion announcement. Make sure their name is spelled correctly! Mention the employee’s first and last name to avoid any confusion.

Current Position of Employee Being Promoted

Including the current position of an employee is crucial because it lets other employees know that internal growth is possible. If the promoted employee’s current position hasn’t been filled yet, identifying it also notifies employees of a potential new opening they can apply for and advance to. Have HR officially announce the new opening in a separate email.

New Position of Employee Being Promoted

After you identify the promoted employees’ current position, explain their new position and what it entails. This makes other employees aware of the work the promoted employee will be handling, for future reference.

You can highlight specific projects or assignments the employee will be assigned to, as well as the team that they’ll be a part of. If the new position is supervisory, include this detail as well. This lets other employees know what they can expect.

Include as much detail as you can about the employee’s new role, making sure to connect the duties of their job to the company’s overall mission and goals. This letter is an opportunity to inspire employees, so take full advantage!

Promotion Effective Date

It is beneficial to include the date that the promotion becomes effective. Since you’ve been working with the human resources department to initiate this change, they should already be aware of when it will take place. Your announcement will benefit anyone else who doesn’t know what’s going on yet. Including the effective data of the promotion gives anyone impacted by the change time to adjust.

Congratulatory Note

Aside from announcing the position, you should recognize the employee’s accomplishment with a brief congratulations. Express pride on behalf of the company and confidence in the team’s ability to succeed with the employee in this new role. This detail is extremely important, as it is good for morale and showcases that the company supports employee advancement.

Promotion Announcement Samples

Below, you’ll find a sample promotion announcement letter you may send to your company. Simply copy and paste into your email or Word document and edit the details accordingly.

Subject: [Employee Name – New Position.]

Hello All,

I am pleased to announce the promotion of [Employee Name] from [Old Position] to [New Position]. [Employee Name] has been with [Name of Company] for [X years] and has worked in [Names of Departments/Positions]. S/he will be gaining these new responsibilities:


During her/his tenure here, [Employee Name] has implemented protocols that have improved the efficiency of our company and has frequently been recognized for outstanding achievement.

Please join me in congratulating [First name] on their promotion and welcoming them to the [Name of Department].


[Your Name.]

Remember to keep your promotion announcement professional, clear, and concise. Follow these tips to ensure you inform your company about an employee’s promotion in the best way possible.

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