22 Thank You Gift Ideas to Give Your Coworkers

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You spend a lot of time with your co-workers, so they can easily begin to feel like family. If you have a healthy workplace environment, it’s only natural to want to ensure your coworkers understand your appreciation for them. You may want to give a coworker a thank you gift if they helped you on a big project or covered your shift.

It’s tough to figure out what type of thank you gift to give your coworker. When shopping around, it’s important to consider your workplace, coworkers, and atmosphere so you can ensure you’ll buy an appropriate gift.

Your thank you gift should be fun and unique without being considered offensive or unprofessional. If you’re not sure about a gift idea, review your employee handbook for gift giving etiquette or discuss it with a supervisor first. Consider these interesting thank you gifts that may be perfect for your coworkers.

1. Inspirational Wall Art

Art can make a drab cubicle more fun. Pick out inspirational wall art that reminds you of your coworker as a thank you gift. Depending on the size and type of wall art you choose, this thoughtful gift could set you back $10 to $50.

2. IOU Kit

To show you appreciate your coworker, create a few IOU cards that offer simple tasks you’re willing to take over for them. They could include running out to grab lunch, getting documents from the mailroom, or covering a shift. You’ll only need to buy stationary but be ready to tackle the tasks you offered.

3. Office Tool Kit

Office supplies like sticky notes, pens, pencils, and paper are great gifts for a coworker since they’re always in high demand. If you keep your office tool kit simple, you may only spend $5 to $10.

4. Fancy Tea

Enjoying fancy tea while working can make tasks feel less strenuous. Buying your coworker an assortment of tea shows you care about their wellbeing. A small box of fancy tea can cost anywhere from $5 to $20.

5. Radio Subscription

Another way to make your job fun is to listen to the radio while at work. If your coworker likes music, consider buying a radio subscription to SiriusXM or another radio service. When you buy a $50 prepaid service, your coworker can stream music at their desk.

6. Personal Thank You Notes

Sometimes a gift isn’t even necessary. Write a thoughtful thank you note to your coworker and they’ll understand how much you appreciate them.

7. Lunch for Two

If you prefer to spend quality time with your coworker, offer to pay for a lunch out. Depending on the restaurant you decide on, you could spend $30 to $80 on a lunch for two.

8. Personalized Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are useful in an office environment and your coworker will feel special if you personalize these notes. There are many online companies offering this product and depending on the company you use, this gift may cost $10 to $20.

9. Personalized Mouse Pad

A personalized mouse pad could also be a touching thank you gift. Use your coworker’s name or a photo of their pets or family. There are numerous personalization companies that sell mousepads. This gift may cost between $8 and $15.

10. Relaxing Eye Masks

Work is stressful and one way to thank your coworker is to encourage them to relax. Simple eye masks only cost a few dollars while more advanced masks can set you back around $20.

11. Office Chair Blanket

Offices are known for being cold, so a blanket for your coworker’s chair may be the perfect thank you gift. Pick up a blanket at your local home goods store for $10 to $30.

12. Notebook and Pen

You can never have too many notebooks or pens at your desk. Spend about $10 on this gift and you’ll provide your coworker with the perfect office necessities.

13. USB Desk Fan

If your coworker is notorious for complaining about the heat, buy them a USB desk fan for about $10 to $20 to show your appreciation.

14. Business Card Box

Providing your coworker with a nice place to store business cards can help them organize their desk. This thoughtful gift may cost $10 to $30, depending on the type of box you choose.

15. Lunch Box

If your coworker eats lunch in the breakroom, an insulated lunch box could make a great gift. You can find a simple lunch box for $10 or a high-tech one for up to $50.

16. Desk Zen Garden

Office workers need ways to alleviate stress and a desk zen garden may be the perfect way. Simple desk zen gardens are as inexpensive as $10 while more elaborate gardens can cost about $40.

17. Homemade Treats

Nothing shows your appreciation more than baking. Homemade cookies, brownies, or other treats are a great way to thank your coworker and brighten their day.

18. Screen Cleaner and Microfiber Cloth

Between phones, tablets, and computers, there are many screens at your coworker’s desk that get dirty. This thoughtful gift helps keep these accessories clean and may only cost $5 to $10.

19. Mini Desk Vacuum

Mini desk vacuums are a fun novelty gift that could actually help clean up your coworker’s desk and keyboard. You can order this cute gift online for $10 to $20.

20. Desktop Calendar

A calendar is a great addition to an office space and it’s easy to find a desktop calendar that matches your coworker’s personality. Choose between inspirational quotes, dog photos, or sunset scenes and only spend about $5 to $15.

21. Reusable Straw and Mug

Reusable and environmentally friendly products are taking the market by storm. Reusable straws and mugs are great for the office and you can get these accessories for your coworker for $5 to $30, depending on the type you choose.

22. Desk Plant

Desk decorations make an office feel like home and a plant is a great way to bring the outdoors inside. Buy a small succulent for your coworker’s desk for $5 to $10 to express your thanks.

If you appreciate your coworker, a small thank you gift is a great expression of your appreciation. One of these office-friendly and appropriate thank you gifts is sure to hit the mark and make your coworker smile.

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