Full-Time and Part-Time Benefits and Perks Offered to Starbucks Partners

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Starbucks is a global enterprise, and its estimated 300,000 employees extend far beyond coffeehouse walls. Starbucks’ 2018 fiscal report shows 191,000 domestic employees, with approximately 8,000 employees working outside the cafes and within support facilities, such as in manufacturing, distribution, and store development.

Starbucks Careers

When you think of Starbucks, you may immediately envision an aromatic cafe, but there are many jobs you can have at Starbucks that extend beyond the cash register. Starbucks offers several different positions with both full-time and part-time hours.

Retail positions include baristas and store managers, while the corporate sector employs professionals in areas such as engineering, sales, finance, and research. A barista and store manager are often non-salaried, hourly employees, while engineers and sales managers are typically salaried positions.

Both full-time and part-time positions at Starbucks come with competitive employee benefits. With a wide-ranging catalog of employee perks, Starbucks makes it easy to leverage your employment for access to the best employee benefits and protections.

Health Insurance

An integral part of Starbucks’ employee benefits is health insurance. Medical coverage is included, with healthcare and dependent care reimbursement accounts to help with the costs of medical care and prescriptions. Employees have the option to add additional coverage for dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as disability and accident coverage.

Starbucks has made headlines as a leading champion for transgender rights in the workplace, specifically including transgender care and services within its employee benefit programs. This coverage not only provides more personalized general care, but it also can help with the cost of gender transition.

Stock Options

At Starbucks, employees are considered partners, so they are allowed to take part in the company’s impressive stock options. Starbucks offers generous stocks and savings programs for its partners with discounted company stock, referred to as “SIP,” and its equity reward program called Bean Stock.

Starbucks also believes it’s essential to start saving for your retirement now, so they offer a competitive 401(k) retirement plan with a company match to grow your portfolio that much faster.

Time Off

Paid time off, or PTO, is popular with employee benefit programs, and Starbucks is especially generous with its employee allotment. There are seven paid holidays for salaried employees, and retail partners receive 1.5 times their hourly rate for all holiday hours worked.

All employees receive vacation time, as well as additional paid time off for partner and family sick time. Salaried and non-retail employees also get an extra two days of personal time each year.

Parental Leave

To avoid issues such as pregnancy discrimination in the workplace, Starbucks goes above and beyond to offer impressive benefits to new and expecting parents through its Family Expansion Reimbursement and [email protected] programs.

The Family Expansion Reimbursement program supports employee adoption, surrogacy, and intrauterine insemination, allowing up to $10,000 in reimbursement costs for eligible partners. Some employees may also benefit from PTO, depending on things such as their position, tenure, and specific circumstances.

For those day-to-day needs when your child is sick or has that big field trip, [email protected] allows you to have that time off when you need it. Sponsored by Care.com, partners receive an extra 10 backup days to care for the children and adults in their families, as well as a free membership to Care.com and help with senior planning.


Starbucks employees have access to the company’s own Future Roast 401(k) Savings Plan, which allows for an unprecedented 100% company matching up to $280,000 for the 2019 calendar year. Employees can choose contributions ranging from 1% to 75% of each paycheck, with the IRS maximum contribution of $19,000 per individual or $25,000 for partners over 50 years old.

Employees have 100% vesting in their accounts.

Various Employee Perks

In addition to standard benefits such as PTO, health insurance, and stock plans, Starbucks partners benefit from several exclusive employee perks.

Partners receive one pound of free coffee or a box of tea each week and enjoy a 30% discount on food, beverage, and merchandise. There are also affiliate discounts that employees can use for things like auto, home, and pet insurance, and Starbucks offers charitable gift matching, up to $1,500 per year.

Partners working at the Starbucks Support Center also enjoy the impressive facilities, with an on-site gym, daycare, and dry cleaning service.

ASU Online Degrees

Through its partnership with Arizona State University, Starbucks offers its partners exclusive education benefits. Employees can earn their bachelor’s degree with 100% tuition coverage, as well as free academic advising, coaching, and counseling.


In tough times, Starbucks unites with its Caring Unites Partners (CUP) fund. This application-based program is used to help partners experiencing financial difficulties from emergencies such as illness, death, and natural disasters.

Commuting Benefits

Commuting employees receive a break with Starbucks commuter benefits such as discounted transit passes made possible by pretax payroll deductions. Partners can use the program to pay for work-related travel expenses and benefit from exclusive savings.

Free Spotify

Music is an integral part of the Starbucks experience, so Starbucks has partnered with Spotify to offer its employees free premium subscriptions to the streaming music service. Not only can you listen to your favorite tunes, but you can also access Starbucks playlists and create your own custom playlists.

Gym Discounts

The Elite Athlete program sponsors athletes participating at a world-class level, but for the everyday workout, Starbucks offers eligible employees discounts to participating gyms and fitness centers.

If you have the fortune of working at the Starbucks Support Center, you can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of the in-house fitness facilities.

Short-Term Discounts

Like many companies, Starbucks offers special promotional savings through its email savings program. Simply sign up for email notifications on the website, and you will begin to receive exclusive deals, savings, and offers available only to email subscribers.

Starbucks continually adjusts and expands its employee benefits programs to meet the needs of its partners. Through unique and thoughtful coverage such as its groundbreaking transgender care, Starbucks continues to set the gold standard for employee benefits and remains a leading employer in the American marketplace.

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