Financial Assistance for Adults with Disabilities

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Making sure to have enough money to pay the bills is a concern nearly everybody has. For a person with a disability, though, being able to pay the bills can be much more difficult. Often, because of their disability, they are limited on what kind of jobs they can get, may have extra medical bills, and might not have the income necessary to live on their own.

Thankfully, there are programs in the world (many of which are governmental) designed to provide financial assistance to people with disabilities. Social security does a lot to help, but it won’t cover all of the expenses. If you are having a hard time meeting bills or buying essentials because of your disability, here are some resources to help!

Grants and Direct Financial Assistance for People With Disabilities

Some programs in the world help those with disabilities by providing them with additional income, mainly in the form of usable cash. One governmental program people aren’t aware of is the Supplemental Social Security Income, which typically goes hand in hand with the traditional Social Security. The main difference in this one though is the funds come directly from general taxes, rather than the SS program. Supplemental SSI can help pay for housing, food, bills, clothing and other necessary programs.

If you are a veteran with a disability, there are a host of programs designed to supplement your income. Each program has their own stipulations and requirements, but the National Association of American Veterans Emergency Assistance can help each veteran in need find the financial help they need.

To help with your housing situation, contact the Department of Housing and Urban Development. They can provide access to low-income housing, help pay for your rent or mortgage through housing vouchers, and assist with making a home accessible to your disability.

It’s also worth investigating for local, community based, financial assistance programs. Investigate what is available near you and coordinate their help with more national or government based programs to make sure you have the funds you need.

Utility Assistance for Persons With Disabilities

There are programs that will help pay the day-to-day, or month-to-month bills. Cash programs like Social Security or Supplemental Social Security can go towards paying the electricity or grocery bills, but often that isn’t enough.

If you find yourself in need for more help, the best place to start is with your local government programs. Each town, city, county, and state have their own programs ready to help, so use the Community Partnership Action website to find an agency near you that can help.

If you specifically need help with energy bills or help with the heating or cooling in your home, see if you qualify for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. They can help pay for energy bills, pay for repairs to a heater or AC, especially in areas where weather can create dangerous situations for families.

Veterans and the families of veterans get additional help in meeting their bills. Programs like Lifeline, that pays for disabled veterans phone bills, USA Cares Emergency America’s Heroes, that helps post 9/11 veterans pay for food and utilities, are available to help those that need it.

Free Laptops and Internet Access

Many cable, internet, and tech companies will provide free or low cost laptops to families with low incomes or disabilities in their local areas. For example, Comcast created a program called Internet Essentials that will provide children that qualify for the government’s National School Lunch program with a free computer and low cost internet access. This also includes children with disabilities with low income.

Similar programs exist across the nation, including Connect2Compete, where multiple tech and internet companies work together to help provide low cost computers and internet access to people with disabilities.

When it comes to your needs, there are a lot of programs to help, but you will need to do research to find the right ones for you. Just because one programs denies you or can’t help doesn’t mean all of them will do the same too. Keep applying and get the help you need.

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