Lexington Law Firm Credit Repair

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As one of the few credit cleaning firm’s owned and operated by lawyers, Lexington Law Firm has a unique understanding of the legal issues connected to credit repair. Combined with 26 years of experience serving over half a million people, this has led countless clients and organizations to name it the best company for credit repair. Lexington Law Firm has an “A” rating the Better Business Bureau, 4.8 out of 5 Stars from BadCredit.org, and an 85 percent success rate at removing negative items from client’s reports.

Service Selection:

Lexington Law Firm offers the following three tiers of service:

  • Lex On Track $24.95 + tax initial fee, $24.95 + tax monthly fee
  • Concord Standard Tier $89.95/$44.95 initial fee, $89.95 monthly fee. Lexington Law Firm will eliminate mistakes on your credit report and take advantage of legal loopholes that can help your score. The company will also send good faith letters to creditors.
  • Concord Premier Tier $109.95/$54.95 initial fee, $109.95 monthly fee. This package provides the same benefits as Standard service along with credit monitoring and improvement analysis, all for $109.95 a month.
  • PremierPlus Tier $129.95/$64.95 initial fee, $129.95 monthly fee. You will receive assistance in managing your finances and identity fraud warnings, along with all the benefits or Premier and Standard service.

Because all these services are offered on a monthly basis, you can cancel them whenever you want. Lexington Law Firm offers in-depth customer service via chat, phone and email, and will do bill once its work is finished.

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