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If you’re living with social anxiety and on the hunt for a job, you may be tempted to only apply to positions that don’t include human interaction. You may feel you need to narrow your job search to work-from-home positions or roles where you’re isolated from people if you feel anxious during interactions. However, you may have more job options and career paths than you think if you’re open to different industries and unique positions.

10 Best Jobs for People With Social Anxiety

There are many jobs that don’t require a lot of human contact, presentations, or attention. These positions are usually a great fit for those living with social anxiety since they can be less stressful.


If you love numbers and math problems, a job as an accountant may be right for you. As an accountant, your main role is to analyze a business or individual’s budget and finances, meaning there isn’t consistent interaction or networking with people.

To become an accountant, you must earn a bachelor’s degree related to economics or math. You may also need to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) depending on the job you seek. Accountants make an average salary of $70,500 per year and should be good at computing and problem-solving.

Animal Care

Interacting with animals is known to calm anxiety, so a job as a veterinary assistant or animal caretaker may be the right career for you. To enjoy this job, you must love animals and know how to take care of them. You may be required to have a high school diploma and experience as an animal caretaker. In most cases, you can gain on-the-job training. Veterinarian technicians and animal caretakers earn an average salary of $27,540 per year.


Art is therapeutic and relaxing. If you enjoy art, you may consider selling your pieces as an artist. In this job you’ll be self-employed and working from home but you may need to attend art shows or market yourself to be successful. Since you work for yourself, there aren’t any education requirements. The average annual salary for an artist is $48,960 per year.

Assembly Line

If you enjoy putting things together and working with your hands, a job on an assembly line may be the right fit for you. As an assembly line worker, you generally aren’t required to have experience or higher education in most positions and you don’t need to interact with people a lot. Assembly workers earn an average of $32,820 per year but advanced training and promotions to higher positions can increase your salary.

Computer Programming/IT

Computer programmers write code that enables newly designed software to perform. Informational technology (IT) specialists troubleshoot computer errors and make improvements to software. Jobs in this field require you to have a passion and understanding for computers and technology advancements.

You may need at least a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field and on-the-job training to be successful. Computer programmers earn an average salary of $84,280 per year and don’t deal with most job-related social pressures, such as presentations or sales.


As someone who lives with social anxiety, you may be able to relate to other people who experience anxiety. To become a mental health counselor, you must earn at least a bachelor’s degree but specialized counseling requires a master’s degree and internship completion. As a mental health counselor, you can earn an average salary of $44,630 per year.


If you have a passion for words and grammar, you may enjoy a job as an editor. As an editor, you’re responsible for correcting publications, so you’ll mostly work on your own without a lot of human interaction. You need a bachelor’s degree related to writing, communications, or grammar and you could earn an average salary of $59,480 per year.


When you work for yourself, you can decide how much social interaction you want to engage in. If you have a business idea you want to pursue, you may decide to follow a career path as an entrepreneur. However, you’re responsible for your own marketing and sales. Since you’re self-employed, there are no educational requirements. Entrepreneurs earn an average salary of $68,000 per year.


You don’t need a formal education to become a landscaper or grounds maintenance worker, but you should enjoy being outdoors and working with your hands. In this position, you must maintain the grounds for residential or commercial properties. You can earn an average annual salary of $29,400 and you’ll generally work with a team of other landscapers. However, you shouldn’t be required to engage in sales or a lot of social interaction.


Writers create written content for books or other sources and generally work alone. You can work for yourself as a writer or obtain a position with a company. You may need a bachelor’s degree in communications or journalism. You can earn an average salary of $62,170 per year as a writer.

Job Search Tips for People With Social Anxiety

The job searching and job interview process can be intimidating when you have social anxiety. You can use online job boards and other online resources to find job opportunities that meet your criteria. When searching for a job, it’s important to:

When you attend a job interview, be ready to present your resume and explain any accommodations you may need in order to work with your social anxiety. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you’re entitled to ask for reasonable accommodations to make yourself comfortable in your work environment.

Organizations for People With Social Anxiety

There are many organizations designed to assist people with anxiety or other social disorders, including the following:

Working From Home With Social Anxiety

If you have social anxiety, working remotely may appeal to you. It allows you more control over when and how you’ll interact with people each day, if at all. When you work from home, you don’t have to commute to an office but you must maintain motivation to get your work completed. There are many jobs that may allow you to work remotely, including as a customer service representative, website manager, or virtual assistant.

If you’re living with social anxiety, it doesn’t have to limit your job opportunities. By remaining open to work-from-home jobs and other roles, you can have a successful career you enjoy.

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