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When you’re finding a new job, a company’s employee benefits can determine whether a job is right for you. Part of the appeal in working for Walmart is an attractive employee benefits package, available to its 2.2 million employees. Traditional options such as health insurance and retirement plans are just the beginning of the many benefits Walmart offers its employees.  

Walmart Employee Health Insurance

Walmart offers health insurance coverage to both part-time and full-time employees, with 100% coverage for eligible preventive care and no lifetime maximum. Medical reimbursement is available from $300 to $1,000 worth of care, and Walmart will match your health savings account for up to $700 of eligible care.

Employee medical plans cost as low as $26 per paycheck, with dental and vision insurance available as add-ons. Even better, Centers of Excellence enables Walmart employees to benefit from free procedures and surgeries for ailments affecting their spine, heart, hips, breasts, or lungs.

Other Insurance Options

Healthcare is not the only insurance available. Employees also have access to life insurance, paid for and provided by Walmart, with coverage including accidental death and dismemberment insurance, critical illness insurance, short-term and long-term disability coverage, and even business travel accident insurance.


Walmart knows it’s never too early to start saving for retirement, so they allow employees to begin saving on the very first day of work. You can choose a 401(k) plan that works for you and benefit from a 6% match after your first year.

Stock Options

Stocks form a crucial part of your financial portfolio, and Walmart has one of the strongest stock options in the world. Employees can benefit from an associate stock purchase plan that is available to them with company matching.

Time Off

Paid time off, or PTO, is a standard benefit for many employees and allows you to take specific time off for things like sickness or vacation. Many of Walmart’s PTO benefits depend on how long you have been with the company. For example, Walmart’s salaried and full-time associates can benefit from maternity, paternity, and adoption benefits when employed with Walmart for at least one year.


Walmart does not differentiate between different types of PTO, offering PTO benefits that employees are free to use for any number of purposes. PTO is not specifically limited to sick, vacation, or holiday time; instead, employees are free to use their total PTO allotment however they choose.

Maternity Leave

Thanks to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978, maternity leave is a prominent factor in employee benefits. When you are pregnant, you will need time off from work not only for delivery, but also for the many doctor appointments and procedures that are needed before giving birth. Walmart ensures you will still be paid for that time.

As the birth mother, Walmart will still pay you your regular average wages for up to 10 weeks of paid time off. Parental leave offers an additional six weeks of paid time off that can be used in conjunction with maternity leave for birth moms.

Parental Leave

Walmart doesn’t just support birth moms. With paternal leave, parents in all 50 states can take six weeks of paid time off, regardless of whether they are a birth, adoption, or foster parent. Like maternity leave, you will be paid the average weekly wages without penalty or deduction.

Salaried employees may also be eligible to use parental leave toward the medical care of a spouse or dependent. This is part of a special family care pay program.


Walmart offers countless opportunities for education and career advancement. Company employees can benefit from a wide variety of degrees offered by several of the country’s top schools.

Tuition Assistance

Walmart offers its employees tuition assistance through its partnership with Guild Education. Employees may pursue their high school diploma or college degree, with available college prep, career certificates, and personal coaching. Degrees include business administration, healthcare administration, information technology, and supply chain, transportation, and logistics management. 

No matter what program you choose, Walmart’s Live Better U program offers tuition for $1 per day and will even reimburse your school books and fees.

Language Training

Walmart offers many programs designed to improve associate skills and further their career training and development. Walmart Academies allow employees to complete coursework and receive actual college credit they can apply toward their GED, high school diploma, language training certificate, or professional development program.

Language program options include English and Spanish with online courses provided by Rosetta Stone. You can even customize your program to best meet your needs, so you don’t waste time with classes you don’t need.


The adoption process can be a long and winding road that is incredibly expensive, with costs for things like application fees, court, home studies, immigration fees, immunizations, and adoption counseling. Walmart helps out by reimbursing up to $5,000 of adoption costs, with maximums of $10,000 each year and $20,000 per associate.  


Employee discounts are offered through a special discount card. In addition to savings on retail merchandise, employees benefit from savings on cell phone service plans, entertainment, and travel. There is also a special 10% discount on employee purchases of fresh fruit and vegetables.  

Walmart’s employee benefits remain one of the most competitive programs available in the world of retail, and they continue to set the standard when it comes to multi-faceted coverage and care. From health insurance to paid career training and extended parental leave, employee benefits remain the driving force behind Walmart’s success, empowering its employees for continued success.

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