What Is My Bank of Hawaii Routing Number?

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The routing number for all Bank of Hawaii locations is 121301028. If you’re a member of the Bank of Hawaii, you can use this number for several different financial transactions, and you can always find the routing number in a few different places.

What Is a Routing Number?

If you’re curious why you need a routing number in addition to your account, check, and credit card numbers, it’s because a routing number is like an address for your banking institution. Routing numbers are also called:

They’re be used for a variety of different financial activities including:

Your routing number serves as an identification code that shows other financial institutions what bank is initiating or receiving funds in a particular transaction.

Where Can You Find Your Bank of Hawaii Routing Number?

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Routing numbers are always nine digits long and you can find them in a few different places. First, your routing number is on the front of your Bank of Hawaii checks. The bottom left-hand number on your check is your routing number and should have your account number and check number, located directly to the right.

In addition, you can find the routing number on the Bank of Hawaii customer service page — along with the codes and numbers for International Wires and Electronic Debits / ACH payments.

Finally, you can always call their customer service at 643-3888 if you are in Hawaii. There are also several other numbers if you’re calling from other locations in the U.S. You may have to answer a few security questions, but after that, a representative should be able to give you the routing number without a problem.

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