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As one of the most widespread and well-known hotel and resort chains in the world, the Hilton corporation offers a variety of jobs within its company. Job openings may include corporate and administrative work, hospitality management, or work-from-home opportunities centered around customer service. The company has many hotels, resorts, and corporate offices with open positions available regularly.

At any given time, the Hilton franchise may be hiring for a human resources professional, hotel desk clerk, housekeeping supervisor, or marketing representative. Hilton takes pride in treating its employees well, no matter what position or level they work in. The company offers a wide range of employee benefits to most workers, depending on their location and division.

Hilton programs encourage employees to remain motivated and achieve their educational, financial, and work-related goals. If you’re interested in a position with Hilton or simply wondering whether you should explore what the company has to offer, review this important information about employee benefits packages that may be available to you.

Hilton Career Benefits

The Hilton franchise emphasizes career advancement and uses several programs and employee benefits to encourage workers to enhance leadership skills and expand their education. They also emphasize a work-life balance and strive to provide employees with what they need to stay happy and engaged.

Some of the career benefits Hilton offers include the following:

  • Employee Assistance and Educational and Tuition Assistance programs: Hilton offers leadership programs and educational opportunities for employees. Through Hilton University, workers can attend Hotel College, Owners College, Leadership College, General Studies College, and Commercial College to learn more about the industry and advance their career.
  • Paid time off: Two weeks of paid time off is provided to ensure employees maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Four-week sabbatical: The Thrive Sabbatical Program provides $5,000 and four weeks off from work so employees can learn a skill, volunteer for a cause, or pursue a passion and recharge before coming back to work.
  • Parental leave: New parents are provided with four weeks of paid parental leave and new mothers are offered a total of 12 weeks of paid leave.
  • Team member appreciation: All Hilton employees participate in Team Member Appreciation Week once a year, where they receive awards for their hard work and attend inspiring events.
  • Telecom: In many positions, Hilton allows employees to work from home so they can skip the commute but still contribute to the team.

Hilton Health Insurance Benefits

Hilton offers extensive health insurance choices to most employees in most locations. The health benefits you may be provided with if you work for the company include the following:

  • Health and welfare benefit plans: Hilton provides employees with health and welfare benefit plan options to ensure they stay healthy.
  • Health insurance and HSA programs: Most employees have several health and medical insurance plans to choose from, which usually include maternity coverage for pregnant women and coverage for eligible family members. Employees may also contribute to health savings account (HSA) programs and use tax-free money to pay for eligible medical equipment and services throughout the year.
  • Adoption assistance: Hilton pays up to $10,000 in qualified adoption expenses for employees who apply to adopt children.
  • Dental insurance: Hilton includes dental insurance plans with most medical plans for checkups, cleanings, and dental procedures.
  • Disability, long- and short-term: Employees can purchase short- or long-term disability insurance so they can maintain financial stability if they’re injured and can’t work.
  • Life insurance: Hilton offers several different life insurance plans so employees can feel confident that their family members are taken care of if the unexpected were to happen.
  • Vision insurance: Most Hilton health insurance plans include vision insurance, which allows employees and covered family members to obtain vision exams and corrective equipment for free or at a reduced cost.

Hilton Financial Benefits

The Hilton franchise knows the importance of saving for retirement and ensuring that all employees are financially stable. They offer employees several financial benefits to help them reach their goals, including:

  • Retirement savings programs: Hilton offers a 401(k) program with a contribution match for up to 5% of an employee’s salary.
  • Stock purchase plans: Employees are offered the opportunity to purchase stock in the company.
  • Childcare benefits: Employees with children have access to discounted daycare rates for childcare while working and corporate employees are provided with in-house subsidized daycare.

Hilton Various Employee Perks

In addition to the health, career, and financial benefits, Hilton provides employees with other perks in exchange for their commitment to the company. Some of these perks include the following:

  • Discount on hotel rooms: The Go Hilton Team Member and Family & Friends Travel Programs provide employees with discounts on travel and hotel rooms within the franchise.
  • Gym memberships: Hilton provides employees with free gym memberships at select locations.
  • Wellness programs: To ensure employees are staying healthy, the franchise provides complementary wellness programs to employees in specific locations to ensure they’re eating healthy and exercising.

The Hilton franchise focuses on employee benefits and career advancement by supporting educational opportunities, health, and financial wellbeing. With several health benefits packages and educational opportunities, as well as a focus on growing a family while remaining financially comfortable, Hilton puts its employees first in many ways.

The specific benefits packages and employee perks provided depend on an employee’s position and location. If you’re considering a job within the Hilton franchise, review the benefits associated with the position in addition to the compensation when deciding if it’s a good fit for you.

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