6 Companies That Offer Car Advertising Jobs

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A recent study shows the average American spends 18 full days in their car annually. People are always looking for ways to make money on the side, and there are methods of doing so by simply driving your car.

At first glance, many think this means driving a taxi or working for a ride-hailing service such as Uber, but it is much simpler and easy than that. Companies pay people to display stickers or wraps on their vehicles as a way to advertise for the organization.

Where you live, and what type of car you drive can play a large role in whether you can partake in this type of opportunity. Most companies utilize car-wrapping specialists on behalf of the organization to seek out drivers.

The conditions vary from company to company, but the general requirements for most companies that pay for car advertising are:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older;
  • You must have a clean driving record;
  • You must possess car insurance;
  • You must keep your vehicle clean;
  • You must attend to any cosmetic damages immediately;
  • You must drive a certain amount of miles daily, weekly, monthly, or annually;
  • You need to have GPS capabilities for tracking driving;
  • Your vehicle must meet a year requirement (e.g. 2010 model or newer);
  • You must leave the sticker or wrap on your vehicle for the entirety of your contract.

Even though there are companies that pay to advertise on your car, there are others that use this as an opportunity to scam individuals — especially college students. Car wrap scams can be difficult to spot, so be careful when searching for car advertising companies to work with.

If you are looking for easy ways to make money fast without watching ads or filling out surveys, car advertising is as good of an opportunity as any. Below is a list of legitimate companies that offer payment for car advertising.

1. Wrapify

Wrapify pays drivers to place ads that vary in size on their cars. To get started, you need to download the Wrapify app. You can enter your phone number using their online form, and they will send the download link straight to your phone.

Once you download the app, you can sign up to become a driver. You need to fill out the required information and complete the onboarding process. Once you are a verified driver, you can use the app to see when campaigns are available in your area.  


  • Wrapify pays their drivers bi-weekly via direct deposit instead of at the end of the campaign like others;
  • Campaigns are generally shorter (lasting between one to three months) so you aren’t committing to the advertisement on your car long-term.


  • Drivers must undergo a background check and if they have had more than two accidents in the past, they are automatically disqualified;
  • If drivers do not keep the wrap on their car for the entirety of their contract, they can be charged early termination fees;
  • Drivers must have a car that was made in 2010 or newer to qualify.

Expected Pay: According to the Wrapify website, the amount you earn depends on which one of the four wrap coverage tiers you choose from — the coverage tiers include:

  • Full coverage: $264 to $452 monthly;
  • Partial coverage: $196 to $280 monthly;
  • Lite coverage: $181 to $280 monthly;
  • Static+: $174 to $280 monthly.

2. Carvertise

Carvertise is America’s largest car advertising company. To get started, you must fill out the driver application found on their website. The application asks for your contact information, your vehicle information, your location, and your driving habits.

Once they have this information, you are either approved or denied via email. If you are approved, the company matches you to a brand that shows interest in your driving habits.


  • Drivers have the freedom to commit to however many campaigns they want to. They can both accept and deny campaigns;
  • Easy payment via direct deposit;
  • The organization pays to have drivers’ cars wrapped and unwrapped;
  • If drivers park their cars in specific areas at specific times, they have an opportunity to boost how much they make.


  • Drivers must be Uber, Lyft, or Grubhub drivers;
  • If a driver commutes less than 30 miles per day, they are automatically disqualified;
  • Drivers must have a car that was made in 2008 or newer to qualify.

Expected Pay: According to the Carvertise website, the organization pays $100 per month for however long the duration of the campaign is. If the campaign is for nine months, you can earn $900. There are also cash contests offered by Carvertise to boost earnings.

3. Money While You Drive

Money While You Drive offers several different ad placement opportunities. Drivers must fill out an application that will be sent using the “Contact Us” tab on the Money While You Drive site. The site walks future drivers through how to apply, how the process works, and all of the different driver criteria.


  • Drivers can choose between two decal sizes: rear window, or an entire wrap;
  • Drivers can reject any campaigns that they do not want to participate in;
  • Campaigns can last anywhere between six months to two years, which allows them to bring in additional income for an extended period.


  • Campaigns are generally longer, and some drivers may prefer not to participate in long programs;
  • Drivers must go to a physical location for mileage checks and payment;
  • If a driver signs up for the rear window decal, they are expected to apply it on their own.

Expected Pay: According to the Money While You Drive website, payment varies depending on whether you have a rear window decal, or an entire car wrap. Drivers with rear window decals are generally paid $50 per month, while drivers with entire car wraps are paid $400 per month.

4. Ads2Go.net

Ads2Go.net was originally based out of Canada, but it migrated to the U.S. recently. You can apply to be a driver on their website, but it should be noted that they have three application options:

  1. Bronze: You apply for free using the regular application;
  2. Silver: You pay $1.95 to be viewed as a “high-priority” application;
  3. Gold: You pay $5.95 to be viewed as a “pick me first” application.


  • Applicants can prioritize their application by paying a minimal amount of money;
  • AdsT2Go.net offers multiple other methods for making money on their site;
  • If an ad is damaged, or goes missing, Ads2Go.net will replace the ad free of charge.


  • According to their website, they have a database of over 100,000 drivers to pick from;
  • Ads2Go has two sites that can confuse applicants. “Ads2Go.net” is for drivers in the U.S. and “AdsToGo.ca” is for drivers in Canada;
  • The 1,000-square-inch ad requirement consists of eight to 10 individual signs that you are expected to place yourself.

Expected Pay: According to the Ads2Go.net website, drivers earn around $50 per month when displaying 1,000 square inches of advertising on their vehicle. Your driving record and how long you have driven for Ads2Go.net can affect how much you are paid as well.

5. ReferralCars

ReferralCars offers both commission-based and non-commission-based advertising campaigns. You can apply online, fill out the necessary information, and wait for a response from an account manager.

If you are a good fit, you may choose from a commission-based or non-commission-based campaign structure. You will need to use the “Campaign Verification” tab to submit proof of your decal, and to track your monthly participation.


  • Drivers have options for the way you monetize off of the ad placement (commissioned vs. non-commissioned);
  • ReferralCars guarantees that if you are approved you will earn money within 90 days of accepting a campaign. If you do not, you are given a $100 gift card;
  • All decals are small.


  • Drivers must cover the shipping and handling to receive a decal;
  • Drivers must place and remove the decal on their own;
  • Drivers must create a PayPal account to receive payment.

Expected Pay:

There is no specified payment listed on the ReferralCars website, but it does say that payment varies depending on whether you are part of a commission-based or non-commission-based campaign. As mentioned above, if you are an approved driver, you will make $100 at minimum, guaranteed.

6. StickerRide

StickerRide was created in Europe, and migrated to the United States. The company’s mission is to make owning a vehicle profitable for its drivers. Drivers must download the app, and register their car using the form on the app.

Once you have registered your vehicle, and you are approved, you can choose a campaign and earn money. To track your miles, you need to open the app anytime you drive. You are paid by the mile.


  • Drivers can pick and choose between different ads;
  • StickerRide offers different optional tasks that can help boost a driver’s earnings (e.g. taking a picture of your wrapped vehicle in a specific location);
  • Drivers can calculate their potential earnings on the app.


  • Each campaign can have different eligibility requirements;
  • Drivers must use the app to earn. If a driver forgets to open the app before driving, they are not compensated.

Expected Pay: According to the StickerRide website, the amount you are paid is determined by your tariff. Your tariff is multiplied by the miles you drive. The tariff varies from driver to driver depending on your location, time, vehicle, and the sticker/wrap that is displayed.

How to Find Legitimate Car Wrap Advertising Companies

As mentioned above, there are a number of car advertising scams out there, so you want to be aware of how to spot a legitimate company versus a fraudulent one. Follow the tips below to find a reputable car advertising company.

  • Reputable companies have car insurance requirements. If the website does not say anything, and nothing is brought to your attention throughout the application process, this should raise a red flag;
  • Reputable companies have formal application processes. They generally want to know about you, your car, and your driving history;
  • Reputable companies do not typically require you to pay to apply. While some may ask you to cover shipping, being asked to pay upfront should make you apprehensive;
  • Reputable companies take care of sending you a small decal to apply and take off yourself, or they will get you in touch with a professional to do so. If a company expects you to pay for the application/removal process, or they state that they will reimburse you, you may be getting swindled;
  • Reputable companies have good customer service. If you are having a hard time staying in contact, or their site has no contact information, you should proceed with caution.

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