12 of the Best Places to Sell Video Games

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If you are looking for ways to earn extra money and you have old video games sitting around collecting dust, selling your video games is a viable method to make money fast. Below is a list of places where you can sell your video games and insight into how each respective process works.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is a site that focuses on buying and selling technology. To sell your video games, you either need to enter the barcode (without any spaces) into the online Web-browser or download the free app and scan the game’s barcode using your camera.

A barcode is traditionally located on the backside of most video game cases. After you have entered the barcode, you need to provide the condition of the game and the case. If your game is something their video game valuation engine indicates that they can sell, they will offer you a quote instantaneously.

You can decide whether the offer is something you want to accept or decline, but after 28 days, Decluttr will withdraw its offer. If you accept the offer, Decluttr will send you a process guide via email — you will need to:

  • Print out the shipping label (free);
  • Put the game in a box (not provided by Decluttr);
  • Send out the package.

Once Decluttr has received the package, their valuation team will verify the condition of the game/case. Once everything is verified, you will receive payment via direct deposit, paper check, PayPal, or you can choose to donate your proceeds to charity.

Funds are generally received the day after your shipment arrives and passes inspection. If your game is not in the condition that you indicated, Decluttr may offer you a revised price with insight into the reasoning behind it.

You have 14 days to accept or decline the revised price. In some cases, your games can be fully rejected, and if that is the case, rejected games are unable to be returned.

2. GameStop

GameStop is one of the largest real gaming chains in the United States. They buy back a variety of video games, gaming systems, and gaming accessories. Games can be traded in at any of the 6,000-plus GameStop locations — you can find a store near you on their website.

Sellers can use the GameStop app, the browser version, or call a store and talk to a representative to gain an understanding of the game’s worth. GameStop employees look at the condition of the game and the market for the game to determine the value.

They will either offer you an in-store credit quote, a cash quote, or your game will be rejected. The in-store credit option is generally a higher offer than the cash option. If you accept the in-store credit, the funds will be loaded onto a GameStop trade credit card. You can use it that day, or anytime down the road as it does not expire.    

3. Swappa

Swappa is a site that allows users to sell their video games using their online platform. Swappa is not a trade-in site, all buying and selling is done between the buyer and seller, there is no middleman. You will need to create a listing to sell your game — listings should contain:

  • A brief description of the game (the gaming console it is for, the game condition, the age of the game);
  • A price (Swappa offers a pricing guide, but you can list at whatever price you want);
  • Pictures of the disk and the case.

Sellers do not have to pay any type of fee to create a listing, Swappa makes money through buyer fees. Once someone wants to buy your item, Swappa will facilitate the sale and pay the seller. You will receive the funds via PayPal.

It is the seller’s responsibility to ship to the buyers, but Swappa will provide the necessary shipping information for doing so. Sellers need to ship the game within two business days of the purchase, and the seller is responsible for shipping costs.

4. Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform available. You can sell your video games on Amazon in two primary ways:

  1. Sign-up to become an authorized Amazon seller ($39.99 per month plus selling fees on each sale);
  2. Use the Amazon trade-in program.

Unless you are someone who goes through games monthly or you want to start selling games as a side-gig, the better option is generally the trade-in program. The trade-in program is as follows:

  • Search for the item using the mobile app, or the web browser;
  • Select the item that you are trying to sell;
  • Answer the questions provided about the condition of the item;
  • Submit your trade;
  • Once Amazon processes the trade-in request, you will get an offer — generally within 10 days of your request;
  • Once you accept the offer, Amazon will send you a free shipping label;
  • After you have printed the shipping label and send off your game, Amazon will verify the condition of the game;
  • If the game passes inspection, you will receive payment.

Amazon credits trades using the trade-in program with Amazon gift cards. Once your game has passed inspection, you will receive your gift card code via email, or you can request for a physical card to be sent in the mail.

If your trade-in doesn’t pass the inspection, you can request that the game be sent back to you, or you can recycle the game — both options are available to sellers at no cost.

5. The Old School Game Vault

The Old School Game Vault — also called TheOSGVault — is a trade-in company that buys any type of old video game. Sellers simply search for the game on their website by game title, and the site will offer an instant valuation. The shipping process varies based on the valuation that you receive.

  • If the valuation you receive is over $100, TheOSGVault provides you with a free shipping label;
  • If the valuation you receive is between $75 to $99, TheOSGVault will deduct $10 from your payout to cover flat-rate shipping;
  • If the valuation you receive is less than $75, you are responsible for shipping entirely.

Once TheOSGVault has received your package, you will receive funding within two to four days of receiving the game. If there are any issues with your order, TheOSGVault will reach out to buyers directly. There are four payout methods to choose from, sellers can be paid via:

  • Check (one to five business days);
  • PayPal (instant);
  • Zelle (instant);
  • Amazon e-gift cards (instant).

6. Gameflip

Gameflip allows video gamers to sell their games using their online platform. There is a web browser option and a mobile app option to choose from. To sell your game, you need to:

  • Create a free account;
  • Select the “start selling” option in the right-hand corner;
  • Create your listing (describe the game, select the game category, explain the game condition, and create a listing price).

Once your game has sold, Gameflip will reach out to you via email with the next steps. There is a flat-rate shipping fee that is paid by the seller. Once the buyer has received the game and given you a transaction rating, you are credited to your Gameflip wallet. When you have credits in your wallet, you can:

  • Spend the balance at Gameflip;
  • Transfer the money over to a U.S. bank account;
  • Receive payment via PayPal;
    • Payments between $0 and $2 have no transfer fee;
    • Payments between $2 and $10 have a $1 transfer fee;
    • Payments above $10 have a 2% transfer fee.
  • Receive payment via bitcoin.

7. OfferUp

OfferUp is a mobile app where you can create listings and sell your old video games. Sellers simply create a listing, upload photos, and create a task description that indicates the gaming console the game uses, the condition, and the price.

You can sell both locally and nationally. Listings are free to create, and if you sell locally, there are no fees associated. A buyer can reach out to you using the app to negotiate prices and schedule a meetup.

If you sell to someone who is not located locally, you or the buyer are responsible for shipping, and there is an automatic service fee charged to the seller that varies according to the price of the item.

8. Best Buy

Best Buy takes video game trade-ins. You can look at their online trade-in catalog to see which items they are taking for trades, and what the trade-in value is. You can either go to a store location near you or trade in your item online.

To trade in your game online, you need to find the item, answer a few questions about your video game, and accept the offer. Once you accept the offer, they will send you a free shipping label to send in the game.

The only compensation that Best Buy offers for trade-ins is Best Buy gift cards. There are two stipulations for Best Buy trade-ins:

  • You must be 18 years or older;
  • You can only trade in three items per day.

9. eStarland

eStarland is an online video game trade-in platform. You need to create a free account, find your product, accept the real-time price quote, add the item to your cart (even though you are selling, not paying), and checkout. Once you checkout, there are three payout options offered by eStarland — these include:

  1. Instant credit: Sellers can apply the credit instantly to another item sold on the eStarland website. If the new item costs more than your credit, you simply pay the difference. If the new item costs less than your credit, you will not receive the money, or be able to use it at a later date. Consider finding another item to spend the excess credit on;
  2. Standard credit: Sellers will split the cost of shipping your package and once the package is received, eStarland will credit your account with the value of the item that can be used at any time;
  3. Cash: This process is similar to the standard credit process, but sellers have the option to be paid via cash (only locally at the Chantilly, VA location), check by mail, PayPal, or an Amazon gift card.

10. Facebook Marketplace

The Facebook marketplace can be used to sell video games locally and nationally. You will need to use the browser version, or download the app, and create a listing. The listing should include pictures, a product description, a location, and a price.

Buyers and sellers will have to communicate with one another to determine shipping methods or local meetups. There is no fee for posting to Facebook Marketplace.

11. Craigslist

Craigslist is another marketplace platform that allows individuals to sell their games locally and nationally. Sellers will need to create an account and then you can start creating listings.

Listings should include a product description, photos, price, and location. There are no seller fees and the sale is facilitated through buyer-seller communications. Your listing should include your contact information. Sellers can choose between emails, texts, or phone calls.

12. eBay

eBay is another marketplace platform option. eBay is one of the largest marketplace platforms and as long as you aren’t selling more than 50 items a month, it is free to list your video games.

The whole sales process is facilitated through eBay, and the shipping is taken care of by the seller. In some cases, eBay may provide a discounted shipping label. When you make a sale, eBay deducts 10% of the item’s value before payout. You can receive payments via PayPal, or using a credit card/debit card.

Tips for Selling Video Games

When you are trying to make money off of your old video games, there are a few suggestions that you should take into consideration.

  1. Shop around for the best offer;
  2. Sell sooner rather than later. In most cases, games depreciate everyday;
  3. Take care of your games. Wipe any smudges and properly store the game in its case when not in use;
  4. Sell multiple games at a time to offset any shipping costs or seller fees;
  5. If you are a gamer, take advantage of store-credit options. Choosing a store-credit option will often give you more money for your game.

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